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Interview with photographer Carlos Hugo, well known commercial photographer who specializes in nude male model composition.


Carlos has been shooting nude male models for over 15 years and we asked him a few questions about his job.


Carlos, we are totally jealous! You shoot hot nude men every week, is that a dream come true for you.


I love my job. I started out in the business shooting women and I still do on occasion but being gay I always wanted to shoot nude male models, so yes you can say it’s a dream come true but shooting nudes is still a job and most of the time it is hard work and long hours to get exactly what the client is looking for.



I just have to ask, do you ever get excited, aroused or have sex with the nude models you work with.


I have but most of the time it’s the last thing you are thinking about when you are working, you always need to keep it pro but now and then a hot model will get so aroused when we are shooting that if need be I will service him at a break.


With so many hot nude male models running around you studio how do you manage to keep your hands off them?


I don’t, my hands are always on the models posing them moving them into the correct position and yes some of the nude models are so hot that my hand might wonder every now and then.


Carlos, what are the physical aspects you like the most in your favorite nude male models?


I like an athletic body, I prefer my models completely shaved of body hair, I enjoy a cock that is more in size with the models body not to large, but sometimes very small can look hot on the right model. I like my models to be 5”10-6’3” and not overly muscled.



Carlos, can I come to your next photo shoot and be a fluffer?


Sure, but you will need to be nude too.


No problem, thanks!




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It was with some trepidation that I approached the entrance to Adonis Redux a small central London agency specializing in supplying nude male models. How did I end up standing at the door of an agency for nude male models? Well, in a word: money. I spend my days far from the world of nude male models, dispensing menial tasks in a mid-sized London merchant bank. The pay is modest, but when balanced against the lifestyle of an active mid 20-something it falls woefully short. The pay increases as I slowly work my way up the corporate ladder, and the perk of being able to work my way through the array of exquisite young temps has kept me in the job. It was one these girls, Sally, a 5'11 Oxford educated blonde who introduced me to Adonis Redux and the lucrative world of nude male models. We lay in bed one night, the sheets coiled and dank from a bout of frenzied fucking, her gazing off in to the distance enjoying a well-earned post-coital cigarette when, without breaking her distant gaze, she said,
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"Built like that, I think you'd make a successful nude male model". She diverted her gaze to meet my question,

"Built like what?"

"Your body, silly. It's clear you take pride in it. Your arms, your shoulders, your abs..." she moved a little closer and I felt the warmth of her breath mixed with cigarette smoke as she said in a gentler tone,

"... your cock."

She went on to tell me of a previous boyfriend who had worked with a group of nude male models to pay his way through medical school. Not only had he finished his studies entirely debt-free, but had bought a brand new Porsche 924 with the earnings from his evening work. He'd also performed for and bedded some of the capital's finest looking young women. Adonis Redux, I was soon to discover, did not supply ordinary nude male models. They supplied nude male models to some of London's elite. An interview was soon arranged.

My light rat-a-tat on the door was promptly answered by a female, "Come in". When the formal introductions and some brief chit-chat were over, the younger of the two interviewers stood, made her way to the front of the oak desk that separated us and sat on it, crossing her legs to reveal a pair of exquisitely crafted, lightly tanned legs. Clearly, this was no ordinary job interview.

"Traditionally, nude male models," she began after a long pause, "are either well-sculpted, well-hung or well-mannered. Adonis Redux nude male models break with tradition. As we supply nude male models to some of the richest and most demanding clients in the capital, we demand our nude male models are all three." There was another pregnant pause. Then from the elder woman behind the desk,

"Let's start with the shirt, babe."

With a coy smile, but maintaining eye contact with the elder blonde behind the desk, I stood and peeled off my shirt. Her eyes widened as my shirt fell to the floor. At 6'1, 205 pounds and about 5% body fat, I cut a solid figure; my upper body speaks of daily grilled tuna and alfalfa dinners, early morning sit-ups and late night runs. It is, as Sally mentioned, something I take pride in.

"Nice," she said, "very nice. Some of our nude male models would be happy to own a body like yours."

"And some of our clients would very happy to own it too," added the younger, grinning suggestively.

"How about the rest?" she added, fixing her gaze on my loins. Before I could move, she slid forward off the table and on to her knees before me. I figured she was either about to say a prayer, or do something quite obscene. Instead, she looked up full in to my eyes, held her perfectly manicured fingers poised above my belt buckle and asked,

"May I?"

I realized this was all part of the test. Could I maintain control? I'd seen nude male models in footage on the Internet and wondered how on earth they were able to keep it soft. I was about to be tested on just that feat.

"Be my guest," I responded.

Biting her lower lip and with all the care and attentiveness of a child unwrapping a much anticipated Christmas gift, she slowly uncoupled my belt buckle and unclipped my pants. I felt the initial stirrings of an erection and my brain scrambled to summon the most un-erotic imaginings possible - where were these thoughts when you most needed them? I thought of politics, the day our spotty neighbor put a hamster in the blender, cat shit, standing in the rain at my grandmother's funeral... and it worked.

By now, my briefs were hooked above my knees and she had her left hand firmly anchored to the base of my limp cock.

"Looks like we have a nice new member," the elder remarked to no one in particular. Internally, I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

"And a very well controlled member," added the younger releasing her grip.

Then from the elder: "There's just one more thing we'd like to bring up. Increasingly, our clientele request our nude male models..." here she paused and then adopted an overly accentuated mode of speech stressing the implications of the metaphor, "go beyond the call of duty, if you see what I mean. I have little doubt you'd have any trouble being a dutiful nude male model with that."

She reached for something in her desk drawer. Tossing a packet of Magnum XL condoms on to the polished tabletop, she rose and, smiling knowingly to her younger colleague, announced,

"I must go and arrange some paperwork for you while lucky Linda here tests your ability to go beyond the call of duty."

She exited leaving Linda and I alone in the office's lengthening shadows. 
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